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The Benefits Of Casino Massage

“While-You-Play” massage service is now the industry standard. From the smallest venue to the most progressive “Mega Resort,” it’s important to keep up with the latest innovations in customer satisfaction. Make our brand of professionally outsourced massage a part of that strategic plan.

A properly implemented and managed massage program should be one in which your guests make no distinction between staff members of our company and casino resort team members – seamless integration is key.

Our services increase your bottom line profit by keeping your guests refreshed, comfortable, and in their seats longer.

+ Additional profit center

+ Pleasantly distinctive & memorable guest experience

+ Improve gaming endurance

+ Extend gaming times

+ Reduce gaming stress

+ Relieve anxiety & fatigue

+ Unique element for special events

+ Valuable and appreciated casino comp (at our expense!)

+ Turn-Key, Worry-Free, Professionally managed amenity

+ Most actively involved approach to management in the industry

+ Fully Insured, Self-Sustaining, Limited Liability Corporation

+ Services Customized for your gaming environment

+ Confidence in our dedicated, expertly trained, licensed staff

+ No interference with gaming processes

+ Exceptionally subtle presence

+ Stimulate interest in more extensive services offered by on-site spas

Enhance Your Guest Experience

“While you play” casino massage is an elite amenity crafted to enhance the guest experience for players at any level. Seated gaming massage increases play time through comfort, sense of well-being, and overall mood enhancement.

Your massage provider’s staff must be thoroughly trained, highly trained and held to the highest standards of ethics, compliance, and professionalism. This is where the Venue Classic standard of excellence comes into play.

“We know it is considerably more expensive to recruit, train, and retain the right people, but our reputation and our customers are just that important to us” – DAVID SCIANNAMEO / VICE PRESIDENT

We Can Keep Your Employees Happy Too!

Working in the gaming industry is as rewarding as it is taxing for your employees. That is why Venue Classic has developed the employee wellness program. We open up services for dealers, and all hotel & casino staff. Your employees will LOVE you for offering such a luxurious perk.


+ Decrease incident of overuse injury
+ Increase Employee Moral
+ Decrease aches & pains
+ Reduce stress
+ Relieve anxiety


+ Increase productivity
+ Decrease absenteeism
+ Improve retention rates
+ Improve the overall quality
and comfort of your work environment.

Keep Guests in their Seats & at the Tables

Keep Guests in their Seats & at the Tables

Keep Guests in their Seats & at the Tables